The Environmental Cost of a $10 Disposable Vape — Salient Magazine

The average AirsPops disposable vape costs $10 and can be purchased from pretty much any dairy or petrol station. This convenient nicotine hit has students hooked – a cheap e-cigarette can be “perfect on a night out”, according to one student. But with so many disposable vapes being purchased, are we overlooking a bigger issue? Disposable vapes contain lithium batteries which cause serious environmental damage.

Where were all the VUWSA candidates? They’re running for Uni Council.

The University Council elects a new student representative each year to serve a two-year term. VUWSA, on the other hand, elects a president who serves for the year. This year, seven students have put their hands up to run for Uni Council whilst VUWSA’s presidential position sits unopposed for the second year in a row. Salient chatted with the candidates to understand why students flock to the Uni Council seats but evade VUWSA’s executive roles.

A Protest Pictured, A Counterprotest Captured: Parliament’s Grounds Divided

A tale of two protests: Tuesday 23 August saw Brian Tamaki’s Freedom and Rights Coalition march to Parliament to put political leaders on “trial” for “crimes against humanity”, most notably for vaccination mandates which protestors claimed had caused harm to New Zealanders. These protesters were met with over 300 counter-protesters blasting Lily Allen’s ‘Fuck You’, amidst other pro-LGBTQIA+ songs and pride flags. Counter-protestors supported mask-wearing and the efficacy of vaccination and science, and stood against Tamaki’s anti-queer stance.

People’s Inquiry Into Student Wellbeing Proves The Kids Aren't Alright

Results of the People’s Inquiry into Student Wellbeing were released on Monday 18 July showing severe student poverty and shattered political promises. The inquiry was led by the Green Party, the New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA), Te Mana Ākonga, Tauira Pasifika, and the National Disabled Students’ Association, with 28 other students’ association signatories from across Aotearoa.
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